Environment Art

Environment Art

Environment art and lighting

I did the Frontend/HUD, the DVD cover for the PAL version of the game, some props and some texturing for this game in 2003:  Sphinx and the cursed mummy

I did environment art and a lot of lighting for this game in 2005:  batman begins

I did environment art, lighting and a lot of the VFX for this game in 2009:  G-Force

I did a lot of shaders and small parts of the Wii part of the engine programming for this game in 2009:  Disney Universe

Created engine example code for the games team to draw ski-trails as ‘swooshes’ into a seperate render target and draw those into the track with a custom shader for this game in 2010:  Vancouver

I did some shaders and made changes to the engine to solve issues like scaling refractive hands in 2012:  Harry Potter for Kinect